11 Jul 2016

Design Disruptors by InVision – London premiere event



Last week I had a pleasure to attend another InVision event in London (DesignPlus Ethics event in April was the first one) and yet again they haven’t disappointed! The choice of venue was astonishing and definitely shows that the design industry, with InVision at its forefront, is doing great!Read more…

22 Mar 2016
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Smashing Conf Oxford 2016

I love conferences. The chance to listen and speak to so many like-minded people and discuss challenges, solutions and latest trends always fills me with inspiration and power to continue fighting for a better web. The latest one I attended, Smashing Conf, couldn’t have been held in a better place. Oxford – one of the most popular academic towns in the whole world. The atmosphere of tradition, ever-present vibe of education and great minds carried throughout my whole trip.Read more…

12 May 2015
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UX Poland 2015 Report

Last year I participated in UX Poland just during the workshop day. But I made a promise to myself to attend the whole event this year.  I guess there is no better opportunity to meet that many Polish UX designers to share a couple of days of inspiration and knowledge exchange with. Uselab – the organiser managed to deliver quality again.Read more…

29 Mar 2015
  • First job in UX

How I got my first UX job

There are numerous articles listing advice on how to get your first job in UX. Well, I read a couple of them before I started to look for my first UX job extensively. Now I can share my own experiences and tell you about a couple of things that have proven to be working when looking for a job in UX.Read more…

10 Sep 2014

The best free online wireframing and prototyping tools

Wireframes and prototypes are one of the most popular ways of communicating between team members or other stakeholders. Whatever is your role in the process of creating a digital product, you can use those methods to quickly visualise your ideas. But not always there’s an Axure or Visio license around and sometimes paper sketches are just not convenient enough to use remotely. How about some free online wireframing tools you can use in your browser and not worry about licenses or scanning sketches?
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18 Aug 2014
  • Aaron Walter - Designing For Emotion

Aarron Walter – “Designing for Emotion” review

There are books that bring nothing to the table – you’ve heard it all before. On the contrary, there are books that change the way you see the web forever. Aaron Walter’s “Designing for Emotion” is one of them.Read more…

07 May 2014
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MailChimp – a company founded on UX research

I’m sure many of you are familiar with MailChimpe-mail marketing software that allow you to design, send out, analyse your campaigns or do anything you want concerning this marketing chanel. What some of you may not know is that MailChimp has been built from scratch and self-funded by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius. Right now the company hires over over 200 employees spread around different floors of two building and it prides itself on having over 5 milion users. But how to master such amount of user data and share it within the company?Read more…

16 Apr 2014
  • UC San Diego

“Human-computer interaction” on review

According to UX Mastery, the first step to a UX designer’s career is education. We can obtain it by e.g. reading books and blogs, attending conferences and workshops or taking online courses. Some time ago I wrote a post about it, where I promised you I would get into detail with one of the courses – Human-Computer Interaction from UC San Diego conducted by Scott Klemmer.

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13 Apr 2014
  • UX Poland

UX Poland summary – a workshop with Indi Young

UX Poland 2014. An event which needs no introduction in Polish UX world. One full day of workshops + a two-day conference. On the April 9th The Museum Of The History Of Polish Jews welcomed big UX names: Jeff Parks, Indi Young, Kristina Mausser, Alisan Atvur and Matt Ventre, all of them were to conduct workshops. Of course I would love to attend all of the workshops, but it was physically impossible. I chose the workshop titled „Using Empathy to Guide Product Strategy”, conducted by Indi Young – a UX pioneer, co-founder of Adaptive Path, author of the bestselling “Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior”.Read more…