13 Apr 2014
  • UX Poland

UX Poland summary – a workshop with Indi Young

UX Poland 2014. An event which needs no introduction in Polish UX world. One full day of workshops + a two-day conference. On the April 9th The Museum Of The History Of Polish Jews welcomed big UX names: Jeff Parks, Indi Young, Kristina Mausser, Alisan Atvur and Matt Ventre, all of them were to conduct workshops. Of course I would love to attend all of the workshops, but it was physically impossible. I chose the workshop titled „Using Empathy to Guide Product Strategy”, conducted by Indi Young – a UX pioneer, co-founder of Adaptive Path, author of the bestselling “Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior”.Read more…

30 Mar 2014
  • zdjecie-glowne-art-startup2en

User Experience Design and it’s place in startups [2]

After introducing UX to you in the first part, let’s talk about ways we can implement UX into our companies.

Of course you can think that all this buzz has been created by UX specialists themselves, but tell me – who is more hard-boiled data-driven businessmen than business angels? Marcin Treder, whom I mentioned before, recollects in his book UX Design for Startups words of one of the most important business angels, who said that “this is the decade of user experience design”.

Above mentioned anonym is probably not the only one of that opinion. Couple of days ago whole Poland was astonished by success of a startup called Base, which has collected $15 million in their last funding round. Base creates corporate software – CRMs, sales assistance, contact management itp. There are thousand apps like these in the world, so why even invest in Base? Because of the exceptional user experienceRead more…

20 Mar 2014
  • User Experience Design i jego miejsce w startupach

User Experience Design and it’s place in startups [1]

When I announced starting this blog for the first time a lot of my friends asked me – „What is this user experience? What will you be writing about?”. This kind of questions cannot be left unanswered, so let me just map out what is UX design and what is its role in startups. Why even talk about startups? Well, many of them out there find UX their competitive advantage.
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02 Mar 2014
  • kursy

Online UX courses. What to choose?

Although UX design is still a novelty, there already is a vast amount of books on that topic. But why not go further? We can find tens of online UX or usability courses throughout various e-learning platforms. I’ll try and write a few words about those which, in my opinion, are the most worth attention. You will have an opportunity to discover e-learning platforms, where UX courses are available at reasonable prices. Wszystkie pozycje, które znajdę, wylądują w moim zasobniku. Courses I’ve tested will be reviewed in separate articles. Read more…

20 Feb 2014

“Hello World” / A few thoughts from World IA Day 2014

World IA Day 2014 - konferencja UX
So the journey starts here! Let me welcome you to Taste UX. Since it’s my first post, let me just introduce you to the type of content you might find here. I intend to regularly write (by ‘regularly’ I might at least once a week, but we’ll see how it goes) posts – shorter or longer about such things like user experience, usability, prototyping, user research or UX events. I hope this blog will eventually get big and rich in valuable content.
Let’s begin with World IA Day 2014, a conference I had a pleasure to attend. What inspired my to write this post is a street art piece byLoesje, which I saw during a break in the conference.

The last step is hardly ever backwardsRead more…